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It’s not as easy as it sounds to find a qualified immigration lawyer in the USA who can help you navigate the legal system to apply for a visa. If you’re looking for expert legal advice or representation, contact Schimmel & Samus by calling 212-587-8714 or send your questions in the form of an email over the website.

When it comes to staying in the USA for an immigrant, one can never afford to make any mistakes. The comprehensive approach below will ensure that you not only secure an experienced immigration lawyer in USA but also get to connect with the lawyer to a whole different and honest level.

Step 1: Look at the firm’s ratings

Any genuine immigration firm should have a page on various social media where they can actively engage with customers as well as prospective clients. It can be Facebook or Twitter. The pages on these platforms have sections where customers can give their ratings based on the services they have received from the firm. The firm that has attorneys with the highest ratings usually make the cut.

Step 2: Look at a client’s review of the immigration lawyer usa

This information is within the reach of many people. More time should be invested in reading clients’ reviews because they offer much insight about the immigration lawyer usa in question. Clients are more critical about how they connect with an immigration lawyer and in the event that they get exceptional services, they will be much obliged to give exceptional reviews.

Step 3: Check the website of the firm

Does the website offer leading user experience? From the website, one could gather so much information about the immigration lawyer usa. You will actually know whether the firm offers the specific service that you need by browsing through the practice areas section. For example, if you come across key words such as student visas or employment based visas then you can conclude that the firm actually deals with immigration related cases.

What’s more, a good site should offer solid information about its attorneys. Immigration lawyers with more experience and accolades linked to their practice offer the best option.

4: Research on their experience on immigration

A lot of experience comes with high expertise. The firm that has specialized in one area of service will give the most cutting edge services. Many people are of the opinion that firms that are affiliated to countries that are not in USA usually offer the best services because of the vast experience they have on immigration related issues. They are likely to offer personal care to clients.

Step 5: Is it a partnership or a solo firm

Two is better that one. Firms that are formed through partnership offer unlimited options compared to those with a single proprietor. The former offers diversity from both owners and hence better services.

Step 6: Proximity
Before coming to an ultimate choice, you have to consider one last factor. Is the firm easily accessible by public transportation? A firm that is easily within reach is better.

The process of finding the best immigration lawyer in USA can be really daunting given the stakes involved. However, if the process is conducted with painstakingly high attention, then you are good to go.

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