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Finding a qualified immigration attorney in the USA is the first step in applying for a visa or gaining citizenship in the US. Schimmel & Sumas can help you navigate the difficult process. Schedule your consultation by calling 212-587-8714 now or click on the ‘Email’ link on the website to get connected.

1. Narrow down your need for an immigration attorney usa.

This is the first and most important step. You cannot start searching for an immigration attorney usa without knowing which specific reason you may need them for. The various issues that the best immigration attorneys are concerned with are;

· Employment visas
· Citizenship issues
· Extraordinary ability visas
· Student visas
· Investment visas
· Political asylum
· Court proceedings
· Appellate work
· Family unification

It is important to set this straight so that you do not get confused or end up in the wrong place.

2. Take your time to do the research, listing your possible options

Look for the immigration attorney usa who are around your city or state and list them down one by one. The best attorneys are registered even on the yellow pages with their offices clearly marked by Google Maps. This makes it easier for you to trace and go to them to start finding out more.

It is more preferable that you do take an attorney who has a good record as well. They are easier to trust and most likely have a lot of experience.

The immigration attorney usa around your state is also familiar with the processes you need to go through along with the specific people and places you should go to.

3. Make your pick and do extensive research on him or her

You do not immediately go to them without knowing at least one or two things before you go. You need to look at other cases they may have helped to solve and look at their similarities to yours. The attorney should also have a good looking professional record as an assurance for you. Find out the necessary details about their profession and gauge whether or not the cases relate to yours. You may proceed to the next step if you feel confident or revisit your options if you are not.

At times there are cases that come as an emergency and it would be better to get an immigration attorney usa from a bigger well-known group or firm to quickly handle this.

4. Contact your best choice and make an appointment

Contact the person and confirm that they are indeed where the offices are said to be and who they say they are. Notify him or her of the need to meet and he/she will give you an opening in the schedule for you depending on the urgency of your situation. Prepare to meet them.

5. Meet with your potential attorney to be

Depending on the attorney, the first appointment could be free or charged for. It would be wise of you to carry all the necessary documents about your personal issue that you require the attorney to look at. On the first meeting, tell your issues in detail to the immigration attorney usa so that he or she is able to plan on how to handle it and identify issues of your case.

Always start with the more serious issues for example if you do have a criminal record so that you do not forget it. Cover the other details accurately and be clear about what you would like. You have rights under the law which the attorney should help you understand as per your case.

Your attorney will inform you whether he or she is in a position to help you and if not, a good immigration attorney usa will refer you to the necessary place to go to. You should also do some research on this before you go. Discuss payment details last so that you are sure.

From this point, your attorney should be in a position to help you solve your issues.

An example of professional immigration attorneys is Lana Schimmel and Natasha Samus of the Schimmel and Samus Law Firm in29 Broadway, Suite 1315, New York NY 10006.

They are reputable and have had over 20 years of experience dealing with clients with immigration problems, they offer all the above stated services and are a good first step for people who may need help.

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