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Finding the right immigration attorney in Manhattan NYC starts by following the local positive word of mouth to find the most trusted lawyers in the city. Schimmel & Samus are experts at citizenship and special circumstances Visas. Find out more on the Schimmel & Samus law form website or call 212-587-8714 to speak with a lawyer.

Immigration in the United states is a sensitive issue, the united states receives thousands of applications yearly from eligible applicants who dream of immigrating into the united states in order to achieve their American dream. Due to the numerous applications and lack of the knowledge on the immigration services provided in the U.S many applicants are locked out and fail to achieve their potential in life which could have been achieved only if they could have accessed the appropriate immigration services offered. 


Manhattan a borough in New York city is a vibrant administrative and economic powerhouse of the city, for this reason it provides an attractive destiny for many immigrants. It is for this reason that the Schimmel and Samus law firm was formed, the law firm has been pivotal in tackling immigration issues and helping out legal immigrants or person's wishing to immigrate in Manhattan. The following article covers a detail step by step guide on how to access immigration attorney manhattan nyc and fulfilling your life long dream on settling on the vibrant borough. It also covers the values and principles of immigration attorney manhattan nyc.


Schimmel AND Samus is law firm that carries out a variety of immigration services which include the following; 


1. Employment based visas.

2. Extraordinary Ability visas.

3. Investment visas.

4. Student visas.

5. Family unification.

6. Citizenship.

7. Political asylum.

8. Court proceedings.

9. Appellate work.


The firm has been in service for 20 years, displaying its determination and experience in helping out in immigration attorney manhattan nyc. With such vast experience, clients are offered quality services in their cases and this is a major leap towards realizing their dream. With such experience and determination clients are guaranteed unprecedented success because with such passion and quality of their work failure is not an option. 


What makes Schimmel and Samus immigration attorney manhattan nyc to stand out is their vast experience in immigration which is the only field of law they specialize on, this is an added advantage to their clients as they get undivided attention on the matter. " Immigrants for Immigrants" is their main slogan and truly the firms lives up to its billing. Both partners in the firm are sisters and are immigrated into the U.S from St. Petersburg, Russia and therefore they understand the delicate matter of immigration from a personal point of view in relation to coming to a new country, settling and establishing your new life.


The firm is located at the heart of New York city easily accessible by public transportation ensuring convenience. The immigration attorney manhattan nyc goes an extra mile in representing its clients and appearing in courts across all over the United States. Schimmel and Samus law firm boasts of historical success in their cases owing to their experience, knowledge, personal attention and care.


The two sisters carry with them high professionalism, knowledge which are only surpassed by their kind nature and compassion. They treat each client like their own family member investing their time and effort to each and every individual client ensuring your success as an immigrant. 


Natasha Samus graduated from Benjamin N. Cardozo school of law New York, she is the vice president of the International Law Society, Participant in Intense Trial Advocacy Program she went on to earn her B.A in soviet studies from State University at stony Brook, NY. She has served as the chief Immigration attorney for the Hebrew Immigrant Aid society (HIAS) New york. She represents clients in various immigration proceedings before immigration courts and the Department of Homeland security.


Lana Schimmel is the other partner who graduated from Nova University Law school , Ft Lauderdale, Florida and she is a member of the International Law society. She also holds a B.A in soviet studies from City University New York at Queens College, NY. She has served as the Chief Judicial Staff Attorney, Civil/Criminal division, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.Honorary Co-Chairman of Business Advisory Council.

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